The Reddy Way


is the driving force behind our history, the present, and what the future holds for Reddy Medical Group. It encompasses all of the qualities and all of the people that have helped bring Reddy Medical Group over 3 decades of success

THE REDDY WAY represents the Reddy family.

Reddy Medical Group began with the vision of Dr. Ram K. Reddy, starting in a small office in Franklin Springs, GA, and the Reddy family has helped grow this organization into what it is today. The Reddy family is what makes Reddy Medical Group different. Success for this organization is not just monetary gain, but rather being able to see that the hard work of a caring family results in patients receiving high quality care all over Northeast Georgia. The Reddy family members play different roles both on the medical side as well as the business side and work tirelessly to ensure the Reddy family name is upheld each time someone walks through the doors.

THE REDDY WAY represents a sense of caring and compassion.

“Helping people” is the beginning of all our mission statements. It is the encapsulation of the mindset we try to instill in each and every one of our associates. It is taking those extra steps and going the extra mile to ensure all patients feel cared for and satisfied with their visit. We strive to provide complete and friendly care each time someone visits us. We understand the need for excellent care whether it’s a visit to your Primary Care Physician, you have an immediate medical need, or when you need to find someone you can trust with your young child’s health. Above all, helping people is THE REDDY WAY.

THE REDDY WAY represents the embracing of cutting edge technologies and forward thinking concepts.

Dr. Reddy was one of the first there was to combine an urgent care and a primary care center together before it was popularized. He was also one of the first to embrace the power of telemedicine to provide care to more patients and minimize the healthcare barrier of geography. We are always looking towards the future to make sure all of our patients have access to the best treatment available.

THE REDDY WAY is not just an idea presented to our patients, but to our staff as well.

Our mindset, our pride in what we do, and our commitment to strengthen a family’s legacy should be reflected in every action taken throughout the day. All team members are important and every task they complete is a step towards our goals. THE REDDY WAY recognizes this and appreciates all that assist in helping a vision come to life and grow.

Reddy Medical Group

Reddy Medical Group

“Leading the Way in Healthcare… THE REDDY WAY”. Mission Statement: “Helping people stay healthy by prevention and intervention of diseases with courtesy and compassion.”

Reddy Medical Group takes on your long term health with services like serving as your primary care physician, keeping you healthy through preventative medicine, chronic care management, and more. We love the communities we are in and love having the opportunity to help keep them as healthy as possible.

Reddy Urgent Care

Reddy Urgent Care

“Ready when you need help the most… THE REDDY WAY”. Mission Statement: “Helping people feel better when they need it the most.”

We provide efficient, economical medical care with courtesy and compassion, and will relentlessly pursue meeting and exceeding our patient’s expectations. Reddy Urgent Care is there for our community 7 days a week to treat non-life threatening illnesses and injuries that you need help with now.

Reddy Pediatrics

Reddy Pediatrics

“A big help for little patients… THE REDDY WAY”. Mission Statement: “Helping children feel better when they need it the most.”

Reddy Pediatrics is here to help care for the most important person in your life: your child. We take great pride in the care we provide and always take the trust you put in us very seriously. If you have not met our amazing Pediatrician, Dr. “BO”, you should schedule a visit soon. You won’t be disappointed.

Each of our three facilities provides primary care services by appointment, and urgent care services without an appointment Both our Athens and Royston offices are open seven days a week with extended hours. Our Danielsville office is open 5 days a week.

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