Occupational Medicine in Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine addresses the medical needs of employees and employers in the business community and all occupations. It works in prevention and treatment of workplace injuries and diseases with the promotion of optimal health and safety in the workplace.

Reddy Urgent Care offers a range of medical services at multiple locations, allowing employers a program that best fits their company’s individual needs. Reddy Urgent Care does provide medical services on a walk-in basis, however, we ask that you call us and alert us to an employee visit.

We encourage company tours to gain a better understanding of the job site, allowing our providers a better understanding of the availability of modified duty. We provide on-site employee health promotion lectures, health screenings and flu vaccines.

Visit www.reddyurgentcarecenters.com to learn more or to find a location near you.

Services Provided

At Our Facility

  • DOT Exams
  • Drug Testing – Urine, Hair, etc.
  • Pre-Employment Exams
  • Manage Worksite Injuries and Illnesses (Workers Comp)
  • Independent Medical Exams
  • Driver Certification Exams
  • Immunization: Tetanus, Influenza, Hepatitis B
  • Hearing Test
  • Vision Screening
  • Pulmonary Function Tests

At Your Facility – by request

  • Immunization – Flu Vaccine
  • High Cholesterol, Osteoporosis, Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat Analysis
  • Presentation of Various Health and Safety Topics

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