Internal Medicine in Georgia

Georgia Internal Medicine

Reddy Medical Group provides primary care services for adults called internal medicine. Internal medicine deals with the internal organs and helps with diseases like hypertension, diabetes, emphysema, heart diseases, kidney diseases, lung diseases, and join and nervous system diseases. Taking advantage of our internal medicine services and establishing one of our providers as your PCP has many health advantages.

Internal medicine is specifically geared towards adults. With internal medicine, prevention of diseases is a primary focus. Attending routine visits can help us catch diseases early or make appropriate changes to prevent some diseases from happening in the first place. One of our internal medicine providers will be able to walk with you throughout the different stages of your life as your healthcare needs change. By routinely visiting one of our internal medicine providers, we can establish a relationship with you and will have a better understanding of your current medical condition and medical history. This will allow us to provide the best possible medical advice.

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