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Reddy Medical Group has a team of primary care physicians on staff to serve families and individuals with comprehensive and definitive care in Athens and Royston GA. Our mission has always been to help people stay healthy by prevention and intervention of diseases with courtesy and compassion.

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Everyone can benefit from establishing a primary care physician (PCP) so they have a routine place to turn to for their health needs and so they can have consistency with their care. Reddy Medical Group offers the following types of primary care:

  • Internal Medicine (Primary Care for Adults)
  • Pediatrics (Primary Care for Kids)

Having a primary care physician at Reddy Medical Group allows you to establish a relationship with your primary healthcare provider that will get to know your medical history and allows us to serve you quicker and more effectively in the future should an issue arise. With routine visits to your primary care provider you have a greater chance of catching future illnesses early on and preventing potential health issues in the first place.

One major benefit of having a primary care physician at Reddy Medical Group is that it allows you to obtain accurate referrals to the correct specialist if you have an injury or illness that needs further evaluation. Self-referrals can result in a visit to the wrong specialist where you may obtain no further information about your medical issues.

Reddy Medical Group offers primary care services at the following locations:

These are our internal medicine providers at Reddy Medical Group:

These are our pediatricians at Reddy Medical Group:

Lipid Clinic Services Athens, GA

Osteoporosis Evaluation Athens, GA

Geriatrics Athens, GA

Preventive Exams Athens, GA

Pulmonary Services Athens, GA

Women’s Health Athens, GA

X-Ray/ Ultrasound Athens, GA

Laboratory Services Athens, GA

Minor Surgery Athens, GA

Spa Services Athens, GA

Urgent Care Services Athens, GA

Cardiovascular Services Athens, GA

Diabetes Services Athens, GA

Internal Medicine Athens, GA

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