Lifestyle Medicine in Georgia

Georgia Lifestyle Medicine

According to the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based approach to preventing, treating and even reversing diseases by replacing unhealthy behaviors with positive ones – such as eating healthfully, being physically active, managing stress, avoiding risky substance abuse, adequate sleep and having a strong support system. Lifestyle medicine uses evidence-based approaches such as a predominantly whole food, plant based diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and more.

Lifestyle medicine offers some additional, unique benefits in addition to traditional primary care such as:

  • Allowing the body to protect and heal itself by promoting healthful lifestyle choices
  • Educating, guiding, and supporting positive behavior changes
  • Placing a focus on evidence-based optimal nutrition, stress management, sleep, and physical activity
  • Encouraging active patient participation
  • Treating the underlying, lifestyle-related cause of disease
  • Using medications as a supplement to therapeutic lifestyle changes
  • Considering the patient’s home and community environment

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